#1 Composite Deck Companies Near Me Serving the Local Virginia Beach Area

Deck Contractors Near Me by BNB Decks

Looking for the best Composite Deck Companies Near Me Serving the Local Virginia Beach Area? BNB Decks is a leading deck building services, including deck design, deck construction, deck repair, deck remodeling, deck replacement, and deck maintenance.
Composite Deck Companies Near Me Serving the Local Virginia Beach Area

Licensed & Insured Deck Construction

The Norfolk, VA, Deck Contractors on staff are licensed and insured professionals with an extensive knowledge of various deck-building materials such as wood, composite, and vinyl. They work with the clients to create custom deck designs that suit their style preferences, needs, and budget. They also provide a range of railing and stair options to enhance the safety and aesthetics of the deck. Learn More

Wood & Composite DURABLE Deck Builders

Rest assured, our Norfolk Deck Contractors ensure the durability and longevity of the deck by using high-quality materials and following industry-standard building codes and safety regulations. They pay close attention to details such as proper flashing, framing, and drainage, which prevent water damage, rot, and decay.
Our leading Deck Contractors in Norfolk, Virginia also offer deck repair and maintenance services, such as deck cleaning, staining, and sealing, to keep the deck in pristine condition and extend its lifespan. They can also perform structural repairs, such as replacing worn-out boards, repairing or replacing railings, and reinforcing weak areas of the deck.

Top Norfolk Composite and Wood Deck Contractors

Overall, we are a top Norfolk Composite Deck Contractors and are reputable and reliable deck builders who provide cost-effective, personalized, and high-quality deck solutions for our clients.

Value of Composite Deck Construction

For example, composite decks offer many benefits for homeowners. If you are considering a custom composite deck for your home in Carrollton or Virginia Beach, VA, contact us now on to learn about the benefits.


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  1. Susan Coute on June 16, 2023 at 5:08 pm

    We researched online high and low online for the best deck contractors near me and BNB Decks was at the very top of our list. Bobby, Brett and the whole BNB Decks team transformed our backyard into paradise and cant thank them enough. Yes, we decided to go with the Trex Composite decking and sure glad we did. Highly Recommended- S. Coute