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newport news deck cleaning

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Many people think about the benefits of upgrading and remodeling the interior of their homes. However, you should also consider the exterior components of your house and how outside improvements could be beneficial too. Check out our most popular decks options with our composite custom decks. Learn More


Basic Deck Cleaning

There are a number of commercial products in the marketplace that are recommended for the cleaning of decks.

  • Clear the deck of all furniture, grills, etc., and the surrounding area of all debris and obstacles to create a safe work zone.
  • Remove all debris trapped between deck boards and the edge of the house and sweep or blow the deck to remove all debris.
  • Prepare the surrounding area and protect your shrubs and plants with a basic deck cleaningplastic drop cloth. Spray water on plants in the surrounding area to dilute any over-spray of the deck cleaner that lands on desirable plants.
  • For mild stains and dirt use a mild dish detergent diluted in a bucket of water. Mop a small area of the deck surface with the detergent and then use a stiff bristle brush to work the dirt free from the surface. Rinse the solution with a garden hose and re-clean areas as needed.
  • For more severe stains and dirt use a deck cleaner. Before use carefully mix/stir the product in accordance with the manufacturer's directions. Use eye protection and rubber gloves as directed.
  • Apply the deck cleaner according to manufacturer's instructions.
  • Unless directed otherwise by the manufacturer, apply the cleaner only to the amount of deck surface you can work at one time. Work in sections and let the deck cleaner do its work. Many cleaning solutions should not be allowed to dry on the wood so periodic spraying/misting may be required.
  • Let the cleaner set on the deck boards for the time period recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Once the cleaner has worked for the specified time, use a hard-bristled broom with synthetic bristles to scrub the deck clean. Scrub parallel with the wood grain at all times.
  • Rinse well with water and repeat the process on the next section of the deck.
  • Once cleaning is completed inspect your work. The surface should be consistently clean and unmarred or damaged. Re-clean any stubborn areas that still look dirty.

Cutom Deck Cleaning Services

One of the main benefits of a custom beach decking cleaning services in Virginia Beach is that it creates a clean space for you to entertain guests. If you want to create a cleaner, more optimal spot for grilling food and hosting friends, contact B&B Decks for a custom composite deck cleaning today. We can work with you to customize your deck cleaning service each month for when you need to entertain guests better.

Clean Decks for Safety

Often cleaning your decks can greatly improve the safety of you, your family members, and your guests. If you have a pool in your backyard — especially if it is an aboveground pool — a deck can help people get in and out of your pool more easily.

If your home is built on a hill, you may have some steep stairs from your back door to your yard. However, this can be dangerous. So a cleaned deck that does not have any loose material, is important. A cleaner deck can increase the over all look and protect the surface area further optimizing your space. If you have steps lead down from your back door to the deck area, and then have a few steps from the deck to the yard, we can make sure that these areas are cleaned as well. 

To learn more about our custom composite deck cleaning services, contact B&B Decks by calling (757) 995-8955. You can also browse our photo gallery to see some of the projects we have done throughout Virginia. We look forward to working with you to add a cleaner deck to your home.

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